Welcome to the AniMatch Demo!

In this demo of our platform you have the possibility to test all functionality AniMatch has to offer. We already put in some data so you can experience how AniMatch works from front to back. To get started simply log in as one of the users listed below:

AniMatch Administrator
E-Mail: awo1@animatch.eu
PW: awo1animatch
Activated Researcher
E-Mail: scientist1@animatch.eu
PW: scientist1animatch
E-Mail: scientist2@animatch.eu
PW: scientist2animatch
Inactivated Researcher
E-Mail: scientist3@animatch.eu
PW: scientist3animatch

As you might have already guessed our platform distinguishes between two different types of users: Administrators and Researchers. In short an Administrator is responsible for setting up and managing an organisation and its researchers in AniMatch. Researchers can, after they have been approved by their organisation's administrator, offer animals and organs they would normally have to discard to other researchers.

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